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Back to School 2014


June 9, 2014
HS Lobby, FWHKSJ Campus


Part I.  Mass of the Holy Spirit       –        Theme: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Part II.  Opening Program


Thanksgiving Song  – Coro Concordia de Aguilas

National Anthem Coro Concordia de Aguilas

Panatang Makabayan   COL President

ADZU Vision-Mission Mr. Carlito Robin

Alma Matter Song Coro Concordia de Aguilas

Zamboanga Hermosa Coro Concordia de Aguilas


Entrance of Class Banners and Introduction of the different Classes

Welcome Remarks

Introduction of the Administration and Staff Ms. Rosie M Hong (OIC – Principal)


Introduction of the Faculty and Staff Department Chairpersons

MAPEH Ms. Rosie M Hong

Christian Life Education Ms. Maria Sara L Velasco

Filipino Mrs. Pamela M Carmelotes

English Mrs. Evelyn Q Bugayong

Mathematics Mr. Roderick V Baluca

Science and Technology Mr. Jeffrey D Barrera

Social Studies Mr. Espiridion D Atilano Jr

Technology and Livelihood Education Mrs. Rosie R Ledesma


Passing of Class Banners to the Class Moderators

Mr. Pilamer J Araneta (Director of Students Services)


Community Singing

El Animo Ateneo – – Faculty and Staff Chorale



Masters of Ceremony

Ms. Florence Lae Teh

Mr. Jericho C. Ortega