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Attendance in School Activities

Attendance in School Activities


Spiritual Activities

In accordance with tradition of a Jesuit school, the spiritual life of an Atenean revolves around the liturgy and the sacraments. An Atenean is encouraged to develop a personal spirit of piety by regular participation in the religious exercises and services of the Grade School.

Co- Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

Grade School Students are encouraged to join any of the co-curricular and extra – curricular activities in the school.

The following is the list of official interest clubs/organizations and activities in the Grade School.

A. Co-curricular Clubs/Organizations

1. Arts/ Drawing Club

2. Book Lovers

3. Cookery/Homemakers

4. Junior Journalists Club

5. Plant Lovers

6. Mathematics Club

7. Munting Core

8. Science Club

9. Media Information Technoculture Club (Club)

B. Extra-Curricular Clubs/Organizations

1. Tourism Club

2. Brebeuf Club

3. Dance Club

4. Dramatics Club

5. Drum and Lyre Corps

6. El Agila Club

7. Glee Club

8. Junior Red Cross

9. Scouting

10. Seraphim Club

11. Sing-along Club

12. Student Government

C. Co-curricular activities

1. Academic Jumble

2. 2. Filipino/English Elocution

3. Choral Recitation

Off- Campus Activities

a. The activity moderator must obtain permission from the Principal three days before the date of any planned class outing, filed trip, excursion, etc. The principal reserves the right to withhold permission if circumstances so require.

b. The student who intends to join a class outing must present a parent’s written consent before hand. No student will be allowed to join any activity of this sort without the parent’s permission.

c. No student may leave the main group without explicit approval of the teacher-in-charge. During an activity of this kind, the teacher must be obeyed strictly.