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Ateneo Scholars meet Benefactors

To provide an avenue where scholars get to personally meet
and thank their benefactors, the College Admissions and Aid held recently the 26th
Benefactors–Scholars’ Gathering at the AdZU Multi-Purpose Covered Courts.

This event is one of the highlights of a scholar’s academic
life as this is the only time they get to pay tribute and show gratitude to
their benefactors in person.

Part of the program was Fr Richard Ella SJ, Ateneo’s
Vice-President for Administration giving a message in behalf of the University.
The gathering also included testimonial speeches and words of gratitude in
behalf of scholars and in behalf of their parents. Plaques of appreciation were
also awarded to the benefactors as a way of thanking them for partnering with
Ateneo in delivering quality education to deserving students.

Ateneo is Possible

In its desire to make quality education accessible to as
many aspiring youth as possible, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, through the College Admissions and Aid Office under the leadership of Conrado Z Balatbat, has
partnered with generous individuals, organizations, foundations, and agencies
to provide opportunities to academically competent but financially-challenged

Taking off from the maxim “Ateneo is possible”, the University,
through the College Admissions and Aid Office admits a significant number of
students yearly into the Ateneo by means of scholarships or financial subsidy.

These students get various means of support from their
benefactors; from tuition and miscellaneous allocations, monthly or semestral
stipend, to book and uniform allowances. These same students leave the Ateneo
bearing with them a diploma which they have earned through the help of their benefactors.