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Home » Migrated » Ateneo Peace Institute organizes I-Speak Documentary Film Workshop for FFP Students

Ateneo Peace Institute organizes I-Speak Documentary Film Workshop for FFP Students

Ateneo Peace Institute Organizes I-Speak Documentart Film Workshop for FFP Students

In preparation for the fifth i-Speak: Stories of Social Truths Documentary Film Festival, the Ateneo Peace Institute (API) organized a documentary film workshop for the First-year Formation Program (FFP) students on December 17, 2014 at the JMRFC Function Room, Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Ryan Joseph Murcia, a film-maker and a faculty member of the AdZU Communication Department. He gave sessions on film appreciation emphasizing on the five formal elements of film and on the technicalities of producing a documentary film.

The i-Speak documentary film festival, where First-year Formation Program (FFP-102) students will produce films as deliverables for their “Self and Society” module, seeks to: (a) provide opportunities for Ateneans to become aware of the different social realities that beset our society today, (b) facilitate a deeper understanding of the complexity of these realities, c) allow students to creatively express their views on existing social issues and realities through a documentary film and (d) serve as catalyst for reflection and future action in the service of society: a voice for the voiceless. Moreover, this endeavor strides with the University’s mission for Ateneans to become catalysts of change in the quest for real development and peace that exemplifies justice.

An awards ceremony will be held on February 20, 2013 at the Campion Lecture Hall BC Building in line with the celebration of the i-Speak Film Festival to honor the excellent endeavors of the students in the following capacities:

The Peace Advocacy Documentary Award- recognizes the film that supremely portrayed the importance of being a promoter of peace. Such also suggests clear and doable solutions to the captured social issue(s) and propels messages of hope to its viewers.

The i-Speak Award for Narrative Flow- distinguishes the film that commendably framed the social issue(s) through the appropriate use of words and presents the story in coherent and organize manner.

The i-Speak Award for Cinematography- acknowledges the film that admirably captured to video or film the art and technology of motion-picture photography. It involves techniques such as the general composition of a scene, the lighting of the set or location, the choice of cameras, lenses, filters, and film standard, the camera and angle and movements, and the integration of some special effects suitable to the narrative.

The i-Speak Award for Directing- recognizes the film that excellently created an overall vision through which the documentary becomes realized. This vision includes overseeing the artistic and technical elements of film production, directing the shooting timetable and meeting deadlines.

The i-Speak Award for Video Editing- acknowledges the film that has supremely selected and combined multiple shots and blended it with appropriate visual, music and sound effects to create an artistic and appealing documentary. More so, it showcased the selection and integration of a sequence of shots taken from numerous feet of film or shot to establish a structure, tempo, mood, or style.

The i-Speak Award for Storytelling– distinguishes the film that superbly engaged the viewers through excellent narration and articulation and expressed sincerity and empathy using verbal and non verbal means.

The i-Speak Award for Poster Design- recognizes the poster that is most visually appealing, possesses an organized and attractive lay outs and draws the eye for a second look. It is also informative, and adds up to the essence of the documentary film.

The i-Speak Commendation Award for Courage– recognizes the individual or team who commendably searched for the truth in their documentary that demonstrated leadership, courage and resourcefulness.

The i-Speak Commendation Award for Hope– distinguishes the individual or team for excellently having displayed an optimistic attitude and mindset that reaped positive outcomes related to the social issues or events or circumstances in one’s life or that of the world at large that is talked about in the film.

The i-Speak Commendation Award for Perseverance– recognizes the individual or team for having commendably displayed continued and steady belief or credence that withstood discouragement and difficulty in the process of completing their work.

The i-Speak Commendation Award for Solidarity– recognizes the team for excellently exemplifying unity and fellowship arising from leadership, common responsibilities and interests between and among members of the group.

The winning documentary films will be shown during the i-Speak Film Festival Celebration and aired in local television to develop the public’s consciousness and responsiveness on the most pressing social concerns and realities of our time. The TV or media exposure of the winning films aims to establish and engage more partners and companions in our tread towards achieving our vision of a new Mindanao at the heart of a new Philippines, devoid of impoverished members of society and social injustices.