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Aesthetic education is one of the important areas in the total development of the child. It aims to instill in children an appreciation of the beauty of God reflected in nature. Through the study of the arts and other means of human expression the quality of human life can be enriched.

To achieve this, the Art Program in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School gives the basic art contents and techniques that can cultivate the students’ intuitive perceptions and creative drives. It also provides an opportunity and appreciation to contribute more fully to the practical applications in his/her daily life or work. It also takes into consideration the child’s creative growth as it relates to his/her physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Taught properly, art can help the child grow in independence by encouraging him to work at his level of maturity. He must be allowed to create. He learns this little by little through his awareness of colors and forms as they affect him as an individual.

The art club is organized to enhance the art offerings in the classroom and to give further opportunities for the child to develop his artistic skills to the fullest.



The Arts and Drawing Club in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School aims to produce and appreciate pieces of art.

In the context of the general objectives, this club also aims to:

1. become aware of the beauty of God’s creation around us;

2. explore and experiment on this beauty through their art work;

3. grow through art at one’s own pace;

4. provide opportunities and encouragement to express oneself freely;

5. be an active participant or be more directly involved in drawing a composition;

6. develop a deep and lasting enjoyment of art that will carry over into adult life and exert a positive influence on Filipino culture;

7. accept and respect the work of others;

8. develop pupils’ independence, interest and resourcefulness in the use of ideas, materials, tools and techniques; and

9. appraise every piece of art.



1. Learning about colors.

2. Learning about the color wheel.

3. Combining colors for appreciation.

4. Drawing objects using the primary and secondary colors.

5. Making of Christmas cards.

6. Paper – folding.

7. Expressing oneself thru art works.


Damieca M Esguerra and Jonna Rose G Jallores 

Grade 1


Joy B Rogel and Yunisa J Baldomero

Grade 2

Mark Anthony S Mariano and Miragel E Delos Reyes

Grade 3


Erlinda S Alama and Rexy V Magsayo

Grades 4, 5 & 6