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Application Problems

I. Application Problems




Some files are missing.

  • The files were deleted.
  • To retrieve deleted files, double click the Recycle Bin icon, then highlight the file you want to undelete. Right click on the file, then choose “Retrieve.”

Opening an application results in the display of the error message, “Illegal operation error”.

  • Some programs are damaged and need reconfiguration.
  • Scan the application for virus infection using the anti-virus utilities.
  • Re-install the application.
  • Report the problem to the center using the online request form.

Scandisk is started when opening the computer.

  • The computer was turned off abnormally due to improper shutdown or power interruption.
  • Let Scandisk finish the check-up in order to restore the computer to normal operation.

Time and Date of the computer is incorrect.

  • The time and the date is not set.
  • To set the time and date, click on the time at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then set the proper time.

Document can’t be saved or computer hangs while saving files.

  • Your local hard disk is out of disk space.
  • Some downloading programs are not properly installed.
  • Erase unimportant files from your local hard disk.
  • Run the Defrag application.