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Application for Admission Procedure

How to obtain an application form:

1. SHS Admission and Aid Office

                   Ground Floor, FWS Building

2. ADZU SHS Admission and Aid FB Page 

                   Click the link to download the application form


1. Duly accomplished application form

  • Complete Address
  • Contact Numbers including parents and/or guardian
  • Email Address (SHAPE result will be sent to your email)
  • Signature of Applicant
  • Signature of Parent

2. Two (2) pieces 1”x1” picture, any background

3. Pay the SHAPE fee of P200.00

Submission of application: 

1. In person at SHS Admission and Aid Office, or:

2. Email to: shsadmissions@adzu.edu.ph

  • Scanned application form
  • Scanned picture-screenshot of online (bank) payment