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API Welcomes Muslim Scholars for Uniting Hearts Dialogue

Scholars’ arrival in

City stood as one of the host venues for the Da’wah Tour to Philippines with
the theme “Uniting Hearts”. The Muslim scholars belong to the Majlis
Al-Muwasala Baynal Ulamail Muslimin from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
The visit to the Philippines was spearheaded by Erth Ul Mustafa Philippines
Inc. It was a three-city Da’wah Tour: Manila, Tawi-Tawi, and Zamboanga City.

visit to Zamboanga was organized by the Ateneo Peace Institute. The four Muslim
Scholars were: Habib Sholeh Al Jufri, member of Majlis Muasolah Ulama’
International from Indonesia; Dr Yusri Mohammad, chairman of Islamic Dakwah
Foundation in Yadim, Malaysia; Shaykh Imran Anguillia Al Hafidz, International
Dakwah Figure from Singapore; and Sheikh Ahmad Shaif Imbing, director of
Madrasah Darul Mukhdumeen. Imbing is a high school graduate of Ateneo de
Zamboanga in 1997.

thanksgiving lunch at the Sauras Function room on February 12 welcomed the
Muslim Scholars and their companions. Present during lunch were Fr President
Karel San Juan SJ, Academic Vice President Fr Louie Catalan SJ, VP for
Administration Fr Richard Ella SJ, SHS Chaplain Fr Koko Parilla SJ, Ms Anita
Tagadiad for School of Education, SHS Principal Rey Reyes, Nursing Dean Lorna
Paber, HRADO Director Engr Aldrina Hitalia, MSA Moderator Mohammad Nur Kadil,
and members of the AdZU Social Development Team led by Assistant to the
President for Social Development, John Mayo Enriquez. This was preceded by a
short program where Fr Karel expressed the importance of this conversation and
asked the group to consider coming back to Zamboanga. The Scholars expressed
gratitude to AdZU for the warm welcome and voiced their hope of nurturing this
friendship with the University.

Uniting Hearts

Uniting Hearts: Conversations for Convergence & Solidarity was held at the
Royce Convention Center, Grand Astoria Hotel last February 13, 2018. The
conversation was divided into two sessions.

morning session was meant for the student youth. Other than members of the AdZU
community, participants also came from the following partner schools: Islamic
Institute of the Philippines, Filipino–Turkish Tolerance High School, and
J-Jireh School, as well as the students from the Madrasah Darul Mukhdumeen.

theme for the morning session moved along the significance of religious
education in Islam, the role of the family as taught by Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
and interfaith dialogue as a way to promote harmonious coexistence.

the afternoon, professionals group from the civil society made up the the
participants. The issues discussed were: Jihad in Islam, the role of the
academe in countering violent extremism, and connecting link between Muslims
and Christians.

AdZU Peace Institute brought the scholars for a courtesy visit to the mayor of
the city after the event. The Mayor expressed gratitude for the presence of the
Muslim scholars and her desire to learn the best practices of Indonesia,
Singapore, and Malaysia in handling multi-diverse communities. Knowing these
good practices she said, may boost the way of proceedings of a multi-diverse
city like Zamboanga.-Hasmina Alfad, UCO