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AdZUHS this week, October 17–November 7, 2015.

Date:  19 October 2015

Weekly Memorandum No. 2015 – 10.3

TO:                      AdZUHS Community
FROM:                  Father Principal

SUBJECT:             AdZUHS this week, October 17-November 7, 2015.


1. Principal’s Message:

Soon, we will begin our Semestral Break.  For ten (10) days, we will lay down our books and put aside our routine of daily classes.  Most of us, I am certain, will stay at home, and others will be on vacation with family and loved ones.

May I suggest that during the break, and especially during your quiet moments, you pause to reflect.You look back at the first semester you have left behind.  Ask yourselves what you have done and what remains for you to do.  Take a look ahead at the time that remains and what there is yet to accomplish.  Stop for a little while and see if you can make decisions that will aid your academic goals in the time remaining.  And then take a step toward the future, bringing with it light, hope, and expectation for every future day.

Enjoy the forthcoming sem break.  And, see you all on November 3, Tuesday.

P.S.  The Friday Focus will resume on November 6, 2015.

2. Characteristic of Jesuit Education (CJE):  Jesuit education stresses lay-Jesuit collaboration.

Jesuits are active in promoting lay-Jesuit collaboration in school. “Let Jesuits consider the importance of the Society of such collaboration with lay people, who will always be the natural interpreters for us in the modern world and so will always give us effective help in this apostolate. We must be willing to work with others… willing to play a subordinate, supporting, anonymous role and willing to learn how to serve from those we seek to serve.” One of the responsibilities of the Religious Superior is to foster this openness in the apostolic work.  Jesuit education acknowledges God as the Author of all reality, all truth and all knowledge. God is present and working in all of creation: in nature, in history and in persons. Jesuit education, therefore, affirms the radical goodness of the world “charged with the grandeur of God”, and it regards every element of creation as worthy of study and contemplation, capable of endless exploration. 

3. Faculty Updates

a. As a FAPE certifier, Fr. Pen Abuan, SJ will be in Davao Del Sur during the Exams week (October 19-23) to visit and certify (re-certify) seven (7) FAPE-affiliated private schools.  In his absence, Ms. Rosie M. Hong will be the Officer-in-Charge;  she is also authorized to sign documents in behalf of Father Principal.

b. Mr. Honey Rod Alfaro will be in Manila on October 23-25 for the Society of Jesus-sponsored Social Media meeting and consultation.

c. Mr. EspieD. Atilano Jr. will participate in a whole-day Book Review Basic Seminar-Workshop on October 21 at the AdZU Main campus.

d. Mr. Erwin G. Pelayo has been chosen to be a participant and technical official in the International SepakTakraw Federation (ISTAF) Super Series 3 Finals 2015 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on October 17-24, 2015.

e. Mr. Ricky V. Baluca will attend his two remaining trainings on “Assessment in light of the 21st Century Literacies”on October 21-23in Manila and on November 3-6 in Quezon City.  The topics in the seminar hope to deepen the understanding of how assessment is a central practice in effective instruction, especially in regard to how assessments support the achievement of the long-term learning outcome set by the department of Education for the Kto12 Curriculum.

Moreover, the training program has been enhanced to provide a 2-day ‘Trainer Skills’ training to be conducted by REAP (Resource for Educators and Academic Professionals). REAP is building itself up to be the premiere development provider for educators and other academic professionals in the ASEAN region via robust competency models for teachers and other educators, and on a deep understanding of their needs. REAP’s training programs will hope to achieve these aspirations for the educator.

f. Esther Q. Mondido, Ramsyss M. Andaya, Rona Luz C. Duran, I.C. De Castro, Ailyn G. Enojarda and Hajan S. Amsani will attend a seminar-workshop on “Formative Assessment in the K-12 Curriculum:  Strategies and Best Practices” on October 22-23, 2015at the Royce Convention Center, Astoria Hotel:  The two-day workshop will focus on the question of:  “How can teachers embed formative assessment in classroom instruction as mandated in the K-12 curriculum and in the school culture?”

4. Student Updates

a. Intisar U. Sangkula of Grade 10 Rodriguez will represent AdZU JHS in a Poster-making contest, to be held at PSA Conference Room, Cortes Bldg, Sta. Catalina, Zambo. City, on October  28. The contest is sponsored by the Philippine Statistics Authority, Region IX, in celebration of the 26th National Statistics Month.

b. The following students from 10 St. Ignatius will attend the 17thSamahangPisika ng Visayas at Mindanao (SPVM) National Physics Conference, 2015 International Conference on Applied Materials and Optical Systems (ICAMOS) and 2015 International Meeting for Optical Manipulations in Complex Systems (OMCS) on October 21-25, 2015at Cavite State University, Indang Cavite.  This is an annual activity that showcases advances in physics research and education and serves as an avenue to enhance collaboration among physicists, physics educators and students in the Philippines. 

Lee Alec C. Salasa                                                                                                     Claresse S. Labanes                                                                                                   Hans Xavier W. Wong                                                                                    Christian Joshua R. Cervas                                                                                              Rey Dominic F. Bautista                                                                                                        Mickole Anne C. Tatel                                                                                                 Alma Bianca C. Sakandal                                                                                            Najwa I. Uñga                                                                                                               Carlo Rafael R. San Agustin

They will be accompanied by Mrs. Leila G. Lim

c. Student Athletes in various athletics competition

i. 2015 BatangPinoy Sports Summit (Mindanao Leg) to be held in Koronadal, South Cotabato on October 21 – 31, 2015.

Gian Rose Villanueva                  Gr. 9 St. Francis Xavier   swimming

ii. Mindanao Unity Games (MUG) in Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, October 25 – 30, 2015.

Aubrey Rose Francheska L. Eustaquio      Gr. 10 Garnet                Football

Sharfa Abbie                                          Gr. 10 Evans                  Football

Chiara Pauline Mendoza              Gr. 10 Garnet                Football

Sidra     Abbie                                        Gr. 9 Realino                 Football

Ma. Beatriz G. Mendoza                          Gr. 8 Regis                    Football

Marie ClarizzeChastine L. Eustaquio         Gr. 9 Realino                 Football

LemerieAcebron                         Gr. 10 Garnet                Football

MuzhaheedaIsmi                                    Gr. 9 Pignatelli               Football

Joyce Ann Hamja                                   Gr. 9 De Britto               Football

Fatima Mariam Tawasil                           Gr. 10 Evans                  Football

Reeza Jell Sakaluran                               Gr. 10 Evans                  Football

Sophia Ruth Maizo                                  Gr. 9 Pignatelli               Football

Tomirose Cayla San Juan                        Gr. 10 Kostka                Football

Mariel Nicole Dimaano                            Gr. 10 Kostka                Football

Rania Nasilin                                          Gr. 10 Evans                  Football

AlliyahJhaneAbdulkahal               Gr. 9 Pignatelli               Football

CJ Joy Bondoc                                        Gr. 10 Jerome                Badminton

d. The following students from the Blue Eagle Publications, La Liga Atenista and Animo Aguila will participate in the 9th Annual National Media Conference, 5th National Journalism Quiz Bee:  PambansangPautakangPampahayagan and 3rd International Cultural Exchange in Mambajao, Camiguin on October 25 – 30, 2015.  The events are sponsored by School Press Advisers’ Movement (SPAM).

Joey Castillo                                          Gr. 8 Campion

Florence Midel                                       Gr. 8 Campion

ZachareeMasamayo                               Gr. 9 Lewis

Joshua Rommel Vargas                           Gr. 9 Xavier

AlgenneAmiruddin                                  Gr. 9 Xavier

Adrian Lance Lagumbay                         Gr. 9 xavier

SheriemikeGadin                                    Gr. 9 Xavier

Myka Dane Sapitula                                Gr. 9 Xavier

Chloe Cabahug                                       Gr. 10 Ignatius

Carlo Rafael San Agustin             Gr. 10 Ignatius

Kyle Alfonso Oyong                                Gr. 10 Ignatius

Rey Dominic Bautista                              Gr. 10 Ignatius

Anthony Godwin Jandusay                      Gr.10 Rodriguez

Ahmad Panduga                         Gr.10 Rodriguez

Stefan Dela Cruz                                    Gr.10 Kostka

Sharfa Abbie                                          Gr.10 Evans

They will be accompanied by Mr. James De Los Reyes, Ms. MarraVesagas and Mr.Carlito Robin.

5. Activities and Events for:

October 19 – 24, 2015 (Exams Week)

a. October 19, Mon. *  Day 1 of 2nd Quarter Exams

b. October 20, Tue. *  Day 2 of 2nd Quarter Exams

c. October 21, Wed. *Day 3 of 2nd Quarter Exams

d. October 22, Thu. *  Academic Management Team Mid-Year Evaluation of Teachers

* Math Day (cf. separate schedule of activities)

e. October23, Fri. *  Day 1 Gr. 8 Claver Overnight recollection (Moderator:  Ms. Marilin Bentoy)                                                     – to be confirmed by the Campus Ministry Office

* 11:00 – 12 nn Awarding of Math winners

f. October 24, Sat. *  Day 2 End of Gr. 8 Claver Overnight recollection                                                                               *  Start of Semestral Break

*  Departmental Mid-Year Evaluations

g. Weeklong activities:   *  Daily Mathematics Trivia Questions until October 23.

October 26 – 31, 2015 (          Semestral Break; Offices remain open)

November 2 – 6, 2015 (1stwk of 2nd Semester classes)

a. November 2, Mon.  *  All Souls’ Day

b. November 3, Tue. *  Classes resume;  1st day of 2nd semester

* AM:  Submission of Subject Teacher’s grading sheets to Department Heads

* PM:   Submission of Subject Teacher’s grading sheets to Class Moderators

* 1:30  Academic Management Team

h. November 4, Wed. *  Gr. 7 Berchmans Class 7AMMass        Moderator:  Mr. RulthanSumicad                                      * 4PM  Departmental meeting1:30  Academic Management Team

* 2nd Quarter Special Exams (Day 1)

c. November 5, Thu. *  4PM  General Faculty and Staff Meeting

* 2nd Quarter Special Exams (Day 2)

d. November 6, Fri. *  Day 1 Gr. De BrittoOvernight recollection (Moderator:  Mr. Jayson Mahilum)

*  7:30 AM  First Friday Mass and Renovation of Vows of Scholastics

e. November 7, Sat. *  Day 2 & End of Gr. 8 De Britto Overnight recollection                                                                        *  8AM – 11:30AM:  Deliberation for Grade 7 Students                                                                               *  1:30PM – 4:30PM:  Deliberation for Grade 8 Students

6. Teach us to Pray:  Pilgrimage as Prayer

Fr. James Martin, SJ

Did you ever think of Jesus as making a pilgrimage?  It may seem odd to imagine the Son of God in that light, but remember that when he was twelve, Jesus accompanied Mary and Joseph on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  (That’s when his parents lost track of him and discovered him in the Temple.)  Later, the Gospel of John records Jesus journeying several times to Jerusalem for the Jewish feasts.  In fact, Jesus was crucified, died, and rose again during a time of pilgrimage – Passover.  So Christian pilgrimage, which finds its roots in Jewish pilgrimage, is as old as Jesus.

A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken for a spiritual purpose.  Often it is to a holy site like Jerusalem, Rome, or Lourdes.  The final destination may move us:  seeing the sites where Jesus walked, the martyrs were killed, or Mary appeared can evoke powerful emotions within us.  But the journey itself is often illuminating:  tired, removed from our daily routines, and surrounded by new friends, we are invited to move beyond familiar boundaries and encounter God in new ways.  Prayer on pilgrimage is usually different from prayer in our rooms – which is a good thing.

But all of life is a pilgrimage.  We journey alongside others, notice God along the way, and are graced with   surprises, until we finally meet the One whom we long to see.  God is with us in all our life’s travels and meets us    at the end of the journey. As St. Catherine of Siena said, “All the way to heaven is heaven, because he said, ‘I am      the Way.’”

James Martin is a Jesuit priest and author of “Between Heaven and Mirth”, “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything”, and “My Life with the Saints”.