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AdZU to host next MISSCon; takes center stage in IS confab

AdZU to host next MISSCon; takes center stage in IS confab

The Ateneo de Zamboanga University was recently voted to host next year’s 13th Mindanao International Studies Society Convention (MISSCon). The election was held during the 12th MISSCon last February 10-13, 2016, in Cagayan de Oro City, with Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) as host.

The Mindanao International Studies Society (MISS) is one of the organizations promoting International Studies in the Philippines. This year’s MISSCon theme was, “Breaking Barriers: Paving Towards a Borderless ASEAN by 2020” in accordance with the ASEAN Regional Integration vision of building a community of member-states free of geographical, political, economic and cultural barriers.

The presence of the 41-strong delegation of International Studies (IS) students from the Ateneo de Zamboanga made their marks in the various competitions held during the convention. Kent Bayona and Therese Aburquez won first and second place respectively in the Group Debate.  In the quiz bee dubbed “War of the Wits,” Alwyn Abubakar, landed in the first place, while Zarah Rosos and Leslie Ann Sua, both placed third.

The four-day convention consisted of plenary and parallel sessions, and socialization activities. During the plenary, the delegates discussed the so-called ASEAN Pillars, namely: Economic, Political and Security, and Socio-Cultural, representing the priority areas for development of its member-nations, and the challenges faced by each Pillar in achieving integration among the ASEAN member-countries.

Another highlight of the MISSCon was the culminating activity where the delegates came to session ala ASEAN Summit, fully garbed in an international costume of their choice.