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AdZU Ties Up with Frontier Tower Associates Philippines Incorporated in Historic MOA Signing

“…Mindanao the place we love, Mindanao and its progress, its sustainable development, the upliftment of the quality of lives of its people, the harmony of its diverse cultures and traditions, the attainment of its long-elusive desire of resolution of historical conflict, and the achievement of peace based on justice. The scope of business of Frontier and the scope of the mission of AdZU converge in this commitment to make Mindanao a better place to live in.” – Fr Karel San Juan SJ

A stronger, more developed, and thriving Mindanao – this is a shared vision of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University and Frontier Tower Associates Philippines Incorporated. United in this noble goal, AdZU and Frontier joined forces to seal a partnership by signing a Memorandum of Agreement held on November 14, 2022, Monday, at the AdZU Lantaka Campus.

The short yet meaningful gathering was graced by key officials from both institutions bearing witness to the establishment of this most promising union.

Representing AdZU was Fr Karel San Juan SJ, the University President, together with Fr Rene Tacastacas SJ, the Vice President for Higher Education, Fr Richard V Ella SJ, the Vice President for Administration, AdZU Board of Trustees Chair Pedro Rufo Soliven, BOT Vice Chair Ruth Yu-Owen, and BOT Members Atty Laisa Alamia and Mr and Mrs Sonny Cortez, as well as other university faculty and staff.

Joining them are representatives from Frontier Tower Associates Philippines Incorporated, Hendrik-Jan Kroon, the Launch Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Frontier Tower Associates Philippines and Chief Strategy Officer of Pinnacle, Alyssa Fucoy-Lazol, the Vice President for Government Relations and Documentation, Hanna Escobido, the Legal Assistant and Documentation Staff, and Aminodin Dimasangcay, the Cluster Manager.

In his speech, Hendrik Jan-Kroon expressed his excitement and his eagerness to help AdZU in achieving their common goals. “Generally speaking, I think Mindanao is less developed than the other parts of the Philippines, so we figured it makes more sense to focus our sort of ESG efforts on most needed, which is in Mindanao, and within Mindanao, I think that is more pronounced in West Mindanao, and which makes the choice for Ateneo de Zamboanga University an obvious one.” He also added that through this partnership, they would be providing contributions through donations, internships, and a series of training. Additionally, the Chairman and CEO of FTAF will also be an adviser to the AdZU BOT for advancement in a strategic setting to impact communities further and support the mission of Jesuit education.

Fr Karel S San Juan, SJ shared gratitude and jovial optimism for this partnership. In his speech addressing FTAF and the event attendees, he looks forward to working with AdZU’s newest partner as they both strive to uplift the quality of life here in Zamboanga City hand-in-hand. “I express this gratitude for this partnership, thank you for choosing our university, and our region in Mindanao. For the energy and excitement, this partnership brings for the future of education and social transformation in Western Mindanao and beyond, a future made brighter because of this partnership,” Fr Karel said in his speech.

Connections create a more reliable and robust approach to achieving grand aspirations. And AdZU’s partnership with Frontier Tower Associates Philippines Incorporated is another step toward turning dreams into concrete points of action. Backed by AdZU’s Ignatian core values, this union of institutions will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of Western Mindanao and beyond, both economically and socially– all in the service of God and our fellow countrymen.

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