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Home » Junior Highschool Memos » AdZU JHS this week, August 1 – 6, 2016

AdZU JHS this week, August 1 – 6, 2016

Date: 1 July 2016

Weekly Memorandum No. 2016 – 7.5

TO: AdZUHS Community
FROM: Father Principal

SUBJECT: AdZU JHS this week, August 1 – 6, 2016.

  1. Panalangin Para sa Buwan ng Wika (ni Efraim C. Mendoza)
  2. Panginoon, maraming salamat po sa Pambansang Wikang ipinagkaloob Niyo sa amin.

    Hinihiling po namin sa Inyo na Kayo’y magsilbing gabay

    upang kami’y magkaugnay-ugnay ngayong Buwan ng Wika.

    Kaming mga simuno ay tulungan Niyo sanang isakilos ang mga nararapat na pandiwang

    Naaayon sa ikatatatag ng aming Pambansang Wika.

    Batid po naming kami’y kahalintulad ng isang pariralang walang buong diwa

    kapag kami’y walang sariling wika.

    Huwag Niyo po sanang hayaang matuldukan ang aming pagnanais

    na panatilihing buhay ang Wikang Filipino.

    Patnubayan Niyo po ang mga Pilipinong kumikilos at gumagawa

    ng mga hakbang upang imulat sa bawat isa sa amin

    ang kasalukuyang kalagayan ng aming wikang Pambansa.

    Patnubayan NIyo rin po sana ang anumang mga balakin, proyekto,

    at iba’t ibang kaganapan ngayong Buwan ng Wika.

    Asahan Niyo pong kayo ang maging Tuwirang layon ng lahat ng aming pagsusumikap.


    2. Characteristic of Jesuit Education (CJE): Jesuit education insists on individual care and concern for each person (Cura personalis). Cura personalis is not limited to the relationship between teacher and student; it affects the curriculum and the entire life of the institution. All members of the educational community are concerned with one another and learn from one another. The personal relationships among students, and also among adults – lay and Jesuit, administrators, teachers, and auxiliary staff – evidence this same care. A personal concern extends also to former students, to parents and to the student within his or her family.

    3. Faculty Updates

    a. Ms. Melophyl C. Baguio and Ms. Kimberly C. Catague will be in Davao Christian High School, Davao City on August 6, 2016 to attend a seminar on the Effective Use of the English Communication Arts and Skills which AdZU JHS has recently adopted.

    b. Mr. Erwin G. Pelayo will be in Manila on August 2-4 to represent AdZU in the 2nd Jesuit Athletic Meet Organizational Meeting.

    4. Students Updates

    a. Eagle Scout Emilio DS. Aquino of Gr. 10 Lewis will join the 14th Korea National Scout Jamboree on August 2 – 12, 2016. This biennial international educational event aims to promote peace and understanding among young people all over the world.

    b. Nutrition Month Contest Winners:

    i. Healthy Snacks:

    1st Place: Gr. 7 Garnet

    2nd Place: Gr. 7 Ignatius

    3rd Place: Gr. 7 Kostka

    ii. NutriChant:

    1st Place: Gr. 8 Faber

    2nd Place: Gr. 8 Daniel

    3rd Place: Gr. 8 Southwell

    iii. Poster Making:

    1st Place: Gr. 8 Colombiere

    2nd Place: Gr. 8 Faber

    3rd Place: Gr. 8 Canisius

    iv. Edible Centerpiece: (Gr. 9 Food and Beverages Services Classes, A & B)

    1st Place: Gr. 9 Arrowsmith (FBS Class A)

    2nd Place: Group 2 (FBS Class B)

    3rd Place: Group 4 (FBS Class B)

    v. Healthy Cake: (Gr. 9 Bread and Pastry Production Class)

    1st Place: Gr. 9 Britto

    2nd Place: Gr. 9 Campion

    3rd Place: Gr. 9 Pongracz

    vi. Sketch Art:

    1st Place: Gr. 9 Campion (Brendan Marc Bacatan)

    2nd Place: Gr. 9 Britto (Lovela Fabriga)

    3rd Place: Gr. 9 Campion (Ritz Mhacey Magtangob)

    vii. Selling Challenge (Gr. 9 Digipreneurship Class):

    1st Place: Snapschack (Gr. 9 Arrowsmith & Gr. 9 Bellarmine)

    2nd Place: Northwest (Gr. 9 Claver)

    3rd Place: Sweet Street (Gr. 9 Pongracz)

    viii. Cook for a Cause:

    1st Place: Gr. 10 Xavier

    2nd Place: Gr. 10 Pignatelli

    3rd Place: Gr. 10 Realino

    c. Congratulations to our swimmers – all part of the Zamboanga City Swimming Aqua Force team – who participated in the 2nd Mayor Jose V. Obedencio Jr. Invitational Swim Meet held at the MGM Mountain Spring Resort, Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon last June 25-26. The team came out as team champion out of 18 participating groups.

    i. Gian Rose M. Villanueva Gold – 50m Breaststroke Silver – 50m Freestyle

    Silver – 50m Backstroke

    Bronze – 50m Butterfly

    ii. Carlmichael A. Villanueva Silver – 4 x 50m Freestyle relay

    d. The following students will be part of the Zamboanga City swimming team that will join the 1st Kidapawan City Timpupo Fruit Festival Invitational Age group Swimming Competition to be held on August 6-7 at RC Martinez Farm and Garden Resort, Mua-an, Kidapawan City.

    i. Muiziddin Aranan Gr. 7 Brebeuf

    ii. Carlmichael A. Villanueva Gr. 7 Rodriguez

    iii. Gian Rose M. Villanueva Gr. 10 Xavier

    5. Congratulations to our new Parent-Teacher Association Officers for SY 2016-2017. We look forward to a sound, cooperative working relationship with all of you this new academic year.

    i. President Mr. Amado G. Angeles

    ii. Vice President Mr. Felix Louiell G. Saavaedra

    iii. Secretary Mr. Ross Alfred D. Estrada

    iv. Treasurer Mr. James B. Buckly

    v. Auditor Mr. Benjamin V. Mendoza Jr.

    vi. PIO Mr. Jaime Voltaire “JV” Faustino

    vii. Project Managers: Dr. Cathy T. Usman, and

    Mrs. Myrna P. Angeles

    viii. Teachers Representatives: Mrs. Virginia Guiñabo

    Mr. Eric Jude Y. Ismael

    Ms. Fhadzmalyn A. Issan

    Mr. Abdurauf J. Baldomero

    Bro. Lloyd V. Sabio SJ

    6. Activities and Events for August 1 – 6 (Review week)

    a. 1, Monday * Monday Assembly sponsor: Filipino Department

    * SAP Theme: “Remembering Tita Cory”

    * 9AM: Principal’s weekly meeting with Assistant Principals

    * YSEP-TEC on Duty: Gr. 10 Realino

    b. 2, Tuesday * AMT meeting

    * YSEP-TEC on Duty: Gr. 10 Borgia

    c. 3, Wednesday * 7AM Class Mass: Sponsor: Gr. 8 Chabanel (c/o Ms. M. Vesagas)

    * Departmental Meeting

    * YSEP-TEC on Duty: Gr. 10 Briant

    d. 4, Thursday * 10AM Principal’s Council Meeting

    * 4PM: Faculty & Staff meeting (AVR 1)

    * YSEP-TEC on Duty: Gr. 10 Lewis

    e. 5, Friday * AM: NO First Friday Mass; Schedule B

    * 1PM – 4 PM: Faculty and Staff Formation Session

    Theme: Earthquake preparedness, fire prevention and basic first aid

    * YSEP-TEC on Duty: Gr. 10 Ogilvie

    f. 6, Saturday * Moderators’ deadline for submission of Guidance Forms (c/o GO)

    7. Teach us to Pray: Finding God in All Things

    Fr. James Martin, SJ

    If you asked five Jesuits from different countries to sum up Ignatian Spirituality, which is based on the life and teachings of their founder, St. Ignatius Loyola, they would probably say the same thing: “Finding God in all things.” Funny enough, that phrase isn’t found in Ignatius’s writings; rather, it’s something one of the early Jesuits recounted the saint saying.

    What does it mean? Simply put, God is to be found not only in obvious places – like church services, private prayer, and reading the Bible – but everywhere and in everything: in our busy workplaces, in our quirky families, and even when we are by ourselves, feeling lonely. Every moment is an invitation to experience God. This doesn’t mean that every second of our day will feel like a life-changing epiphany, but it does mean that Jesus’ invitation to “Come and see” applies not just to the disciples in first-century Palestine but to us, today. God is saying, “Come, look at your day, and see where I am.”

    How can we do this? By noticing.

    When you speak with someone, can you see your conversation as a holy moment of encounter? Perhaps they’re struggling – God may be inviting you to care for them. When you eat a meal, can you be grateful for the nourishment and also remember that it’s God who is feeding you? When a sunbeam hit the carpet, can you rejoice in the beauty of creation? At the end of the day, it helps to remembers these things – all things – and be grateful you’ve found God. And, more importantly, that God has found you.

    James Martin is a Jesuit priest and author of “Between Heaven and Mirth”, “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything”, and “My Life with the Saints”.