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AdZU initiates healing through sports

For many years during the Ateneo Fiesta, every gold medal won in an event significantly intensifies an academic organization’s pride as it speeds above the rest. In Ateneo Peace Ta this year, no medals were handed out and the players competed for a good cause. The administration promoted healing through sports for the players and the recipients of the fundraising.

Six academic organizations, faculty and staff, high school, and the graduate school departments battled out in this year’s Ateneo Peace Ta sports games.

Ateneans, in their respective community shirts, they played for identified affected areas gravely hit during the Zamboanga crisis as four priority recipient barangays: Sta. Catalina, Sta. Barbara, Rio Hondo, and Mariki.

In partnership with Save the Children, total medal counts were converted to monetary funds. This in turn was accumulated to produce back-to-school kits managed by amBAG Zamboanga, a student-led initiative to raise funds for distributing bags to affected children of Zamboanga City.

The gold, silver, and bronze medals amounted to P1000, P500, and P250, respectively. A total of 87 medals were exchanged for bags filled with school supplies. Students of the East Central School from grades one to six will be the main beneficiary.