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AdZU GS tops Division Science Quest

Nine participants from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School placed with high ranks in the Division Science Quest for private schools which was held at Putik Central School on September 26.

Three of them won first place in Sci-Quiz, two placed second in Sci-Quiz, one landed third in Sci-Quiz, two emerged second in Sci-Dama, and one won fourth in Collage-Making.

Althea June Charlotte Isnani for grade four, Nur-Qhadir S. Tahamid for grade five, and Chrisly C. Jumamil for grade six, together with their coaches Teacher Grace S. Forniza, Teacher Emy Jane M. Gelvero, Teacher Roniel Y. Soriano, and Teacher Annabelle F. Gonzales bagged the first place in Sci-Quiz.

On the other hand, Craig Mikel Yu for grade one and Guameela Kim M. Labay for grade three, with coaches Teacher Irene I. Olaivar, Teacher Czarriel F. Flores, and Teacher Sheryl J. Macaraeg won second in Sci-Quest while Katrina C. Tan for grade two with coach Teacher Jennifer T. Pingos won third.

Meanwhile, Josh Philip D. Tubo who represented the school for the Sci-Dama, students’ category and Frederick D. Acosta competed for teachers’ category both landed second. In addition, Mya Soleil Lanuza with coach Teacher Emy Jane M. Gelvero won fourth in Collage-Making.

“Team Ateneo was awarded first-runner up for garnering the second over-all highest pointer. This is already a feat for us even though we don’t have entries in some other categories,” said Teacher Fred.

As stated in the rules, only the top two qualifiers in each category will advance to the regionals. This put seven from Ateneo who will represent Zamboanga City in the Regional Science Quest.