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AdZU celebrates the feast of St Ignatius

Every year the Ateneo commemorates its Patron Saint St Ignatius of Loyola. For 2014, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University community, through the leadership of the Campus Ministry Office, conducted a series of activities to commemorate the values taught by St Ignatius. The activities were participated in by students, faculty, and staff of the university.


To encourage appreciation of the importance of liturgy and prayer and to help deepen the Ateneans’ spiritual and prayer life, novena masses were held from July 21- 24, 2014 at the University Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The sponsors were students enrolled in the Religious Studies, Philosophy, and FFP classes – RS 111 M; Philo 104 C; FFP 101 E; RS 114 C; Philo 103F; RS 111 P; Philo 104 B; FFP 101 F; Philo 106 E; Philo 106 A; Philo 103 G; Philo 100 L; RS 111 T. The servers during the mass were members of the Society of the Knights of Ignatius, Readers, and the Ateneo Lector Society. The music during the masses was sponsored by the Ateneo Liturgical Society.

The masses were held at 12 noon and were open to all members of the AdZU community.

Likhang Ignacio, Likahang Atenista – a St. Ignatius Art Contest

An art contest was held on July 14-22, 2014 to allow student-artists to use their creativity as an instrument to express and showcase their understanding and personal experiences grounded on the values they learned from St Ignatius. The activity also aimed to open opportunities for conversation among the students during the exhibit which was held at the College Lobby on the last day of the competition. The participants were representatives of the Academic Organizations. Each participating group consisted of a maximum of 5 members.

The judges for the competition were Fr. Wilfredo M. Samson, SJ, Assistant to the President for Formation, Ms. Tricia Manulong, Head of the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago, and Ms. Aldrina A. Hitalia, Director of the ADZU Human Resources Office.

The winners of the art contest were:

(EAO) and (AAO) 1st Place

EAO: Jonah B. Bucoy; Errold Joseph G. Lahagan; Earl John M. Manalo; Jaylord Joeslflor O. Toribio; Zsarina Joy C. Guevara

AAO: Mary Angelica Joy Escala; Marc Bryan Alicaya; Pearly Dawn L. Formilleza; Ma. Lilia Azcarraga; Rafael A. Mariano

(SITAO) 2nd Place : Carl Venson A. Zarraga; Idzel John L. Revantad; Jorzheema M. Hamid; Jade Christel O. De Guzman; Floracel A. Veras

(SITAO) 3rd Place : Windel B. Opinion; Alirieza H. Ismael; Megan L. Dayak; Maria Elyzabeth R. Tuban; Ian Kenneth N. Barade

A Period with St. Ignatius

Students also had an opportunity to talk about St Ignatius – his life, journey, and teachings, through poetry, song, and talk. The activity was held on July 21, 2014 at the Campion Lecture Hall with the theme “Ignite the Fire of Leadership”. The participants of the activity were students from the RS 113 K class of Mr. Rodel M. Salgados, Philo 106 E class of Mr. Joel C. Porras, and FFP 101 G class of Mr. Ghazzali G. Taupan.

The activity consisted of a sharing on the poem entitled “Fall in Love” by Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, appreciation of the song entitled “Pilgrims Theme”, which was performed by Ms. Shalini Kristy Dalis with the accompaniment of Mr. John Paul Braulio. Bro. Cosme Carlo Lacang, SJ also gave a testimony on the life, works, and values of St. Ignatius in relation to his personal experience. He also talked about the work some Jesuit priests do in their quest to follow St Ignatius’ example.

Reflection Writing and Prayer Writing Contest

A reflection and prayer writing contest was also held to help the students express and share their experiences and understanding of the Ignatian values. The event was held on July 22, 2014 at the Campion Lecture Hall. The theme of the event was “Non Multa Sed Multum: Not Many But Much” to emphasize on the values of magis and generosity. The competition was open to all college students the university.

The judges for the event were Dr. Claribel Concepcion, Dean of SAS, and Dr. Mary Sheildred Angeles, professor of SAS for the Reflection Writing and Ms. Norma A. Baluca, Director of the College Guidance and Counseling Office, and Ms. Virginia Dela Cruz, faculty member of the Ateneo High School Unit.

The winners were:

Reflection Writing

  1. Kayell Anne Rose D. Lim
  2. Jorace Martini B. Dayrit
  3. John Xyrious Q. Dela Cruz

Prayer Writing

  1. Justine Grace C. Fronda
  2. Elanne-Rachelle A. Mandanas
  3. David C. Dawang

St. Ignatius Quiz Bowl

Students were also tested on their knowledge about St Ignatius’ life during the quiz bowl held on July 23, 2014 at the LRC Garden. The participants were representatives from the different Religious Studies, Philosophy, and FFP classes.

The winners were:

Philip Emmanuel C. Atienza and Ovelyn V. Rivera – 1st place

Alan Jailani and Lauence Torres – 2nd Place

Gilberto C. Durano Jr. – 3rd Place

The Quiz Bowl was hosted by Ms Caryll Yvonnie Emperado from the Ateneo Lector Society and the volunteers from the Christian Life Community and Ateneo Liturgical Society helped organize the event.

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