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Home » ACCA News and Update » AdZU ACCA opens SUGPAT HeART Intensives Photo Exhibit

AdZU ACCA opens SUGPAT HeART Intensives Photo Exhibit

Creative and evocative, the photographic outputs of twenty-six (26) out-of-school-youths (OSYs) of the SUGPAT Adolescent Development and Participation (SUGPAT-ADAP) program of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Center for Culture and the Arts (AdZU ACCA) abound the colorful walls of the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago.

The exhibit was launched as part of the culminating program of the first half of the SUGPAT HeART Intensives: Photography and Digital Storytelling Workshop, which ran from September 10-15, 2018. Ralph Rovie Eya, an independent artist advocate from Manila, headed the workshop. With the theme of “Heroism,” the images aimed to capture the lives of our everyday heroes, both known and unknown. The youths explored Barangays Divisoria, Sta Catalina, and Sinunuc aiming to bring into light the realities of our fellow Zamboangueños.

Omar Sharif Mohammad, SUGPAT Fellows Representative, thanked with a grateful heart the Ateneo Center for Culture and the Arts for spearheading the SUGPAT ADAP program. Similar to a camera, the workshop opened their eyes and allowed them to discover new ways of seeing the world. With eyes opened to the truth, the OSYs are now determined to utilize their newfound strengths and capabilities to help serve and improve their community. Primarily oblivious to their own capacities, the SUGPAT fellows are now determined to learn more and be more to help serve their fellow people and community.  

Driven to create and achieve a difference, AdZU ACCA always aims to reach out to the far corners of the city to give out opportunities to various individuals to capacitate themselves into responsible, independent, and active members of society. Seen below are the names of the talented youths who unleashed their creative potential through the photos in the exhibit.


  • Julhan Muhali
  • Bryan Ramos
  • Reymark Sullano
  • Maria Louisa Jennifer Samarinta
  • Omar Sharid Mohammad
  • Rasan Atiulla
  • Almalyn Asta
  • N-G Khem Tarroza
  • Victor Nery Manalo
  • Julius Hasandalan
  • Thamra Sahak
  • Rowin Jay Delas Penas
  • Mary Justine Ricablanca
  • Apple May Morano
  • Romar Bernardo
  • Madzromar Teting
  • Elvis Araneta
  • Bensar Tan
  • Ibrahim Tubal
  • David Cose
  • Rhadzma Kusain
  • Arwida Tahil
  • John Harold Ricablanca
  • Joshua Labra
  • Jumaima Langgam
  • Jayrel Farole

The second half of the SUGPAT HeART Intensives shall explore the beauty of Digital Storytelling and will be held on September 24-28, 2018.