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ACLG helps strengthen electoral reform efforts in ARMM through ‘Ehem!’

The Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance (ACLG) introduced the Ehem! workshop to the Citizens Coalition for Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Electoral Reforms, Inc. (CCARE) with the goal of reinforcing the coalition’s advocacy on improving the electoral process in ARMM.

The 3-day training was held on June 15-17, 2012 at the Jardin de La Viña Hotel, Zamboanga City with the Board of Trustees, Provincial Management Committee Heads, and Provincial Coordinators of CCARE as participants.

With Ms. Maria Teresa Romelyn G. Fabugais, Ehem Coordinator of Zamboanga and Fr Albert “Paring Bert” E. Alejo SJ, Ehem Team Leader, as facilitators, the training aimed to support the coalition’s current projects and augment the members’ skills in their commission of facing the challenges of ARMM election.

CCARE is currently working on the Strengthening Election through Voter Education and Election Monitoring in the ARMM (SEPVEEM ARMM) Phase 4 project which is being implemented in the five provinces of ARMM. This project is in partnership with International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) with support coming from United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In support of this development, the training exposed the CCARE participants to Ehem’s pastoral cycle of Experience, Analysis, Reflection, and Action. Through this, the participants were aided in re-identifying the existence of corruption in their coalition and in ARMM and how it serves as a hindrance in attaining peace and development in the region.

Furthermore, the workshop also provided an avenue where camaraderie and teamwork of CCARE members were fortified as they prepare for their mission as vanguards for clean and peaceful election in the region.