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ACLG and USAID-ENGAGE conduct Bridging Leadership Training for Zambo CSOs

ACLG and USAID-ENGAGE conduct Bridging Leadership Training for Zambo CSOs

The Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance in partnership with USAID-ENGAGE, conducted a Public Safety Bridging Leadership Training Workshop for civil society organizations in Zamboanga City on January 30 to February 1, 2015 at the Marcian Garden Hotel. This initiative is part of the collaborative efforts of the different CSOs in attaining Zero Crime in Zamboanga City.

The training aimed to guide the participants into developing a personal awareness of the security challenges in the city and analyze the different factors contributing to the situation through the processes of systems thinking, multi stakeholder analysis, and dialogue. They were encouraged to exchange ideas on innovative practices and solutions to improve community public safety planning. The output of the training is a 6-month public safety action plan based on the top 5 crime predicaments identified by the groups.

There were 45 partners who attended the activity representing their respective CSOs, to name some are the Mine Risk and Anti-kidnapping Group, Shelter, Crime Watch Volunteers, Order of Demolay, National Ulama Conference of the Philippines, Muslim Concerns of ADZU, the Visayan Forum, WMSU Gender Research and Resource Center, D’Alert Network Association, WMSU College of Social Work, Young Moro Professionals Network, the youth organization of ZONE III, and the Supreme Student Councils of Different Colleges and Universities and other various civil society organizations of Zamboanga City.

The highlight of the activity includes the presence of the City Police Director, Police Senior Chief Superintendent Angelito Casimiro, who discussed Zamboanga City’s crime situation and current security predicaments. He further shared his leadership experience of being the police director of the city and encouraged the participants to continue to inspire the local PNP by supporting their efforts to keep the city safe from crimes and to establish a strong relationship between police and civil society. One of the highlights of his concerns was the rise in the number of shooting related violence and delays in detaining the accused due to the prolonged disposition of cases in the trial courts. He urged the participants to commit in helping the police authority in fighting against crime by having the conviction to protect one’s area, in his own words, “I will not allow crime to happen in the street where I stand”, “My community is my area of responsibility to be watchful and vigilant”.

The ACLG being part of the #PSZAMBO will continue engaging in the community during the implementation of the 6-month action plan to improve the CSOs’ Capacity in Community Policing. An assessment will be done by the end of July 2015 to ensure accountability in the implementation of the action plans of the public safety partners.