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Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA)

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Program Overview

The BSOA program develops the skills, knowledge, and attitude of students in office administration and management, focusing on the development of clerical and office skills toward higher organizational productivity and efficiency. Under the program, students undergo internships with different private and government institutions as office staff to get first-hand experience in applying lessons learned in class.

The objectives of the school are the following:
- Equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective practitioners in the field of business and management.
- Develop in the students an entrepreneurial spirit in order to significantly contribute towards the development of the city and the region.
- Provide students with academic and professional training that is grounded on faith in God and the Jesuit ideals.
- Develop in the students a sense for ethical business practice and care and concern for the environment.

Alumni Highlights

The source of inspiration and a testament to the university's impact. From diverse backgrounds, they've excelled in their fields and continue to support our alma mater.

Fatima Grace Ebojo
Fatima Grace Ebojo@fatimagraceebojo
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Ateneo isn't just an institution. It gave me the best 12 years of my life. It taught me how to be the best version of myself, it taught me how to love unconditionally and be a man and woman for others. All I am today is because of my parents and Ateneo…Ateneo taught me to give more and be compassionate to see all people as equals. Ateneo, will always be home. No school I went to today can compare to the joy, love and care Ateneo gave me. I will forever stand with the blue & white. Gracias, Ateneo! <3
Shelly Baguio
Shelly Baguio@shellybaguio
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If you have already graduated from this institution, you can be confident that you received a first-class qualification with a focus on practical skills and professional relevance, giving you excellent prospects for employment and career development. If you are currently studying in this institution, you have made a great decision. You can be assured that your qualification will be on the path to a promising future.
Michael Vincent Caceres
Michael Vincent Caceres@michaelvincentcaceres
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Ateneo, symbol of excellence. A complete package in liberal education, hard science and business development.

Enrollment Procedure

Explore the seamless steps and resources that await as you embark on your educational adventure with us.