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Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd)

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Program Overview

This teacher education degree program equips students with adequate and relevant competencies, content, and pedagogical knowledge to teach their chosen area of specialization in the secondary education. This program allows students to develop their mastery of the area of specialization, variety of thinking skills in planning, monitoring, assessing, and reporting learning process and outcomes, innovations skills to construct ingenious instructional plans. Also, this program aims to equip students with various teaching approaches, curricula, and resources for diverse learners. It also provides students opportunities to utilize the wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery modes, and their applied skills in ICT to develop materials in order to promote sustainable educational practices to learners and their environments. Moreover, the program prepares students to practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the local, national, and global realities, and pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth opportunities.


Major in Filipino (BSEd Filipino)

Program Educational Objectives

Sa pagtatapos ng programa, ang mga mag-aaral ay inaasahang:

  1. nagpapamalas ng mataas na antas ng kaalaman sa pagtuturo rig wika at panitikang Filipino;
  2. nagpapakita ng malawak at maialim na pag-unawa at kaalaman sa ugnayan ng wika. kultura, at lipunan;
  3. nakagagamit ng iba’t ibang kasanayan at kaalaman sa proseso rig pagtuturo-pagkatuto;
  4. nagtataglay ng kaalaman hinggil sa usapin ng kultural at linggwistikong dibersidad ng bansa;
  5. nakapagdidisenyo rig malikhain, inobatibo, at integratibong mga alternatibong dulog sa pagtuturo at pagkatuto; at
  6. nakagagawa ng pananaliksik ukol sa ikauunlad ng wikang Filipino bilang wikang panturo

Major in Mathematics (BSEd Mathematics)

Program Educational Objectives

The program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. exhibit competence in mathematical concepts and procedures;
  2. exhibit proficiency in relating mathematics to other curricular areas;
  3. manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of mathematics;
  4. demonstrate competence in designing, constructing, and utilizing different forms of assessment in mathematics;
  5. demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving by solving and creating routine and non-routine problems with different levels of complexity;
  6. use effectively appropriate approaches, methods, and techniques in teaching mathematics including technological tools; and
  7.  appreciate mathematics as an opportunity for creative work, moments of enlightenment, discovery and gaining insights of the world.

Major in Sciences (BSEd Sciences)

Program Educational Objectives

The program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. demonstrate deep understanding of scientific concepts and principles;
  2. apply scientific inquiry in teaching and learning; and
  3. utilize effective science teaching and assessment methods.

Major in Social Studies (BSEd Social Studies)

Program Educational Objectives

The program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. utilize appropriate various sociocultural and historical materials in explaining current issues;
  2. organize communities towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency;
  3. demonstrate leadership skills that will help in teaching or training students who will empower their communities;
  4. integrate local and global perspectives in teaching the principle of the common good;
  5. employ principles of sustainable development in teaching and learning;
  6. show scholarship in research and further learning; and
  7. display the qualities of an innovative teacher who has mastery of the subject matter

Major in Values Education (BSED ValEd)

Program Educational Objectives

The program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the Values Education Framework of the K to 12;
  2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of various philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of teaching values education;
  3. demonstrate understanding how psychological, moral, spiritual, and socio-cultural shape human values;
  4. exhibit critical mindedness in analyzing local, regional, national, and global trends and issues relevant to values education;
  5. show passion and commitment in becoming advocates of universal values of openness, peace, tolerance, social justice and respect for human rights;
  6. become an exemplar of Filipino values;
  7. show understanding of the theories, principles and application and application of strategies for effective intra and interpersonal skills;
  8. demonstrate commitment to students’ development for personal renewal and social transformation;
  9. demonstrate competence in employing various pedagogical approaches, methods, and techniques for teaching values;
  10. demonstrate competence in the conduct of research and utilization of results to improve values education;
  11. demonstrate in-depth knowledge in developing and using traditional and non-traditional strategies for assessing learner’s performance in values education;
  12. demonstrate competence in integrating context appropriate technology to optimize teaching and learning;
  13. manifest commitment to community service as a means to promote social values; and
  14. show reflective skills in applying strong moral and ethical principles in their decisions and actions as values education teacher.
Program Educational Objectives
The program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

1. possess broad knowledge of language and literature for effective learning;
2. use English as a glocal language in a multilingual context as it applies to the teaching of language and literature;
3. acquire extensive reading background in language, literature, and allied fields;
4. demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication;
5. shows competence in employing innovative language and literature teaching approaches, methodologies, and strategies;
6. use technology in facilitating language learning and teaching g. inspire students and colleagues to lead relevant and transformative changes to improve learning and teaching language and literature; and
7. display skills and abilities to be a reflective and research-oriented language and literature teacher.
Admission Policies
An incoming first year student must have:
1. a high school or senior high school general average of at least 80;
2. a stanine score of at least 4 in the RTCU.

For transferees and shiftees must have:
1. a GPA of 2.0 or higher with no grades lower than 1.5;
2. a certification of good moral character signed by the College Dean (for transferees only) must be submitted.

For Foreign Students:
1. the same admission policies apply.
Retention Policies
1. A student must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher with no grade lower than 1.5 in any academic subject during the first and second years of college.

2. During the 2nd year, students with grades lower than 1.5 in three (3) subjects in a semester shall be disqualified from the program.

3. Academic subjects with grades lower than 1.5 must be repeated.

4. For subjects in the 3rd and 4th year (as indicated in the curriculum), the passing mark for non-major and non-professional education subjects is 1.0.

For Foreign Students:
1. he/she must have a GPA of 1.5 or higher and no grade lower than 1.0 in any academic subject.
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