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    1. IR ARC 14 Correlation Between IRT and NLE Performace_Rubares-Loquias-Calma
    2. IR ARC 24 IT Skill of some Secondary School Teachers in ZC_de Jesus-Bagor
    3. IR ARC 26 Lead Uptake and Growth Responses Revised_Espinosa
    4. IR ARC 28 Measuring the Performance of Education Students in the CSAT_Maizo
    5. IR ARC 31 Performance of Feeder School in Western Mindanao in the AdeZ CET_Arrozal
    6. IR ARC 32 Recurring Patterns of Errors in the English Composition_Maizo
    7. IR ARC 33 Salmonella Detection in Dressed Chicken sold at ZC Public Market_Rodriguez
    8. IR ARC 34 Simultaneous Measurement of Cosmic Ray Flux_Garcia-De Asis-Reserva-Bacala-Jacosalem
    9. IR ARC 41 An Alnalysis of Bathing Water Quality of Some Beaches_Montano-Rodriguez
    10. IR ARC 44 The Effect of Parent Controlled TV Viewing_Diaz
    11. IR ARC 45 Komunikatibong Pagdulog sa Pagtuturo_Arnad-Budy-Arevalo
    12. IR ARC 47 Determinants of the Academic Achievement of First Year High School Student of AdeZ 94-95_Vicente-Araneta-Penaranda
    13. IR ARC 48 The Relationship Between Academic Performances and ATS of Ateneo GS 2003-04_Baluca
    14. IR ARC 53 An Evaluation of the ADZU GS SRP SY 99-2000 to 2004-05
    15. IR ARC 55 A Study on the Effectiveness of the CHV in the CHT_Bejerano
    16. IR ARC 56 Impact of an Adult Program in the Community_Sta. Teresa
    17. IR ARC 57 Consistensy of Moral Judgement of ADZU College Students_Mansilla
    18. IR ARC 58 Population Trends of ADZU College Students_Quaile
    19. IR ARC 60 Remedial English Program for College Freshmen_Reyes
    20. IR ARC 62 Graduate Students’ Writing Proficiency Level_Tanguilig
    21. IR ARC 63 Explorations on the Ethnicity of the Tausug Diaspora in Zmbga_Halili
    22. IR ARC 69 Teaching Qualitites. Strengths and Weaknesses of ADZU Grad Faculty_Tanguilig
    23. IR ARC 70 A Survey on Internet Cafes and Users in ZC_Munez