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About ABS Fund

Join Ateneans all over the world and be a part of the


Paying forward

Birthdays are among the most important of anniversaries. We love celebrating birthdays! It is possible, though, that at one time or another, during a quiet lull, we may have felt a “gnawing emptiness” while celebrating our birthday with our family and friends…. or that we may have sensed that mysterious haunting need for “something more” to make our birthday celebrations more complete…. our Ateneo days remind us of the “voice that calls within… to find a higher dream in the greater scheme of things….”

Here is a simple but wonderful way of making each of our birthdays more significant, more meaningful, more in the spirit of Jesuit education and the Ateneo way:

Offer, in Thanksgiving, 365 Pesos every Birthday, Once a Year,
to help Poor and Deserving Students get an Ateneo Education!

  • The P365 can be a symbolic way of saying Thank You for the Gift of Life every single day of the year.
  • It can be a giving something back by offering a peso a day for each of the 365 days of the year.
  • The P365 Birthday Offering multiplied by the thousands of other Ateneans near and far can help poor but deserving students face a brighter future with their families!
  • It can be one more affirmation about Ateneans working together to make a difference!

How to Give

All you have to do is to drop by the College Admissions and Aid Office to submit your Birthday Offering.The Admissions and Aid Office is the first office you will see upon entering ADZU Gate 2 and is located right in front of the University Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Or you can send your birthday offering through someone, maybe an Ateneo student, or via courier. The offering may be sent before, during or after your birthday. Please text at 09771491366 or email the details of transaction to or to

Or you can simply log on to your bank and make a transfer/deposit and send an email or to that you did so. See ADZU account details below.

Your birthday offerings may also be coursed through the following: Cash & Check, Domestic Peso via BPI, Foreign Remittance via BPI, BPI Online Banking, and through the Philippine Jesuit Foundation.

  • We will publish a Birthday Donors Roster in our website (privacy for those who do not want publication will be respected) at
  • Beneficiaries of this fund will be called BIRTHDAY SCHOLARS and will be listed in our website.

You can also make an ACT OF KINDNESS as a BIRTHDAY GIFT for a loved one, a parent, a friend, a relative, a significant other — by simply offering P365 in the name of the birthday celebrant.



I join Ateneans all over the world in support of the ADZU BIRTHDAY SCHOLARSHIP FUND. I will offer in thanksgiving P365.00 every birthday to help poor and deserving students get a centuries-old tradition of Jesuit education at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.