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AAO holds Club 100

So, a night of fun for the accountants is a night with numbers, calculators, and some sheets of yellow papers? Definitely not.

The Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO) has successfully hosted its annual acquaintance party which was themed “Club 100” last July 13, 2012 at the Astoria Regency Hotel. The theme was inspired by this year’s centennial celebration and it surely got over 800 students, faculty and staff, and alumni to the event.

The party was commenced with a fierce dance performance by the Bootie Junkies and a flash mob performance by the third and fourth year students. A variety show followed that brought on stage entertaining and hilarious dance and musical performances of students from different year levels. A fashion show was also staged that displayed the El Tigre Couture, a collection of all fraternity shirts of the AAO for the past years.

With the special participation of SMART Telecommunications and San Miguel Brewery as major sponsors, the party was filled not only with cool music but also with light flavored cocktails. An open bar was set in the venue where those above the age of 18 could avail of unlimited cocktail drinks upon purchasing SMART Buddy sim card. Those who did not meet the required age were limited to 3 servings only.

To conclude the event, the floor was opened for the disco as the AAO Tigers danced and grooved with the latest pop music of the time.

“It was different in a sense that it was more fun than what we usually had before,” says one senior.

Truly, this year’s Tigers transcended fun from financial statements to good food, great drinks, catchy music, and wild groove. Of course, who wouldn’t indulge in the luring temptations of the Club 100?

Words by Kelvin J. Culajara; Photos by Ma. Cristialyn A. Ong