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Home » News » A UNION OF CHANGE-MAKERS FOR EDUCATION: AdZU breaks new ground with ALTEC


With the takeoff of the Ateneo Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (ALTEC) in Zamboanga City, teaching and learning in the Zamboanga Peninsula and its neighboring regions will be more effective, inclusive, and innovative.

ALTEC is a union of believers – a gathering of great individuals focused on the future of our country’s education landscape. The center was officially launched on January 25, 2023, at AdZU Lantaka Campus.

Partnering with the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and AHA Learning Center, ALTEC will address the learning loss and deficits in our youths today by creating significant and lasting changes to the country’s educational system.

 “… Teaching and learning constitute a core passion of AdZU, a core competence, a core in everything,”

Fr Karel S San Juan SJ, AdZU President, expressed during the launch of ALTEC.

The center’s mission focuses on serving educators and learners in teacher education, integrated formation, and capacity building in an evolving educational landscape through partnership and collaboration with its partners, networks, and affiliations. ALTEC, with its partners, envisions a community of driven and resilient educators and learners who will be co-creators in promoting quality education and sustainable development in Western Mindanao and beyond.

Committed to excellence and transformative education, Fr Karel added, “the establishment of ALTEC is the fruit of this. To further integrate, synergize, consolidate our strengths in teacher education, student learning, community outreach, and partnership with private and public schools, sectors, for the singular ambition of making education better.”

To further propel ALTEC’s establishment, Benjamin Go Investments imparts a generous donation – a move that shows their full support for the future undertakings of this new center.

Rogin Christ J Eribal, newly-named ALTEC Director, “hopes to strengthen curriculum delivery and support our teachers in formal and alternative education by journeying with educational leaders, who will be vital in ensuring continuous professional development in their schools.”

With the AdZU School of Education, ALTEC continues the SUGPAT program with their mission to strengthen the delivery of the new curriculum of the Department Education Alternative Learning System (DepEd ALS) and reinforce mechanisms to improve access to opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and employment. SUGPAT aims to connect the out-of-school youth of Zamboanga to opportunities that will help them achieve their dreams. ALTEC will strengthen the interventions that they do for the out-of-school youth.

“This year, through the SUGPAT program, ALTEC will support the Kaya Initiative, a youth-led participatory action project that aims to help reduce the number of out-of-school children and youth in Zamboanga City,” Eribal added.

Another project of ALTEC is Teach Anywhere. It is the alliance of ALTEC, AdZU, AHA Learning Center, and Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. The program seeks to address learning loss, sustain community support and capacitate educators to improve learners’ foundational skills.

Executive Director and Founder of AHA Learning Center, Jason Zulueta, stressed the importance of maintaining hope in the face of adversity to be the change we wish to see in society. Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation Co-Founder Dr Anton Lim considers the project collaboration of hopeful, passionate individuals can bring about tremendous change and a significant step forward in AdZU’s mission of making quality education available for our country’s youth.