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Home » Migrated » 2017: AdZU fulfills Vision for comm’ty-based ed and empowerment among IPs with 1st Kolodyaan celeb

2017: AdZU fulfills Vision for comm’ty-based ed and empowerment among IPs with 1st Kolodyaan celeb

True to its Mission of a
University committed to peace and community empowerment among IPs in Mindanao, the
Ateneo de Zamboanga University through its Center for Community Extension
Services (CCES), together with the Campo Uno Indigenous People Primary School
(CUIPPS) in Labuan, led the first Indigenous People (IPs) Solidarity
celebration of IP month dubbed “Kolodyaan” (Subanon for “celebration
or festival”).

With the theme “Celebrating the
gains of Indigenous Peoples in Education” or IPEd Program, the event, held October
this year at the CUIPPS, was participated in by over a hundred Indigenous
Peoples (IPs) composed of children and adults from the Sama Bangingi from Simariki
Island, Talon-Talon; Subanon from Monte Central in Patalon; and Bajao from
Buggoc in Kasanayangan.

The Kolodyaan, celebrated with IPED stakeholders and partners
in attendance, sought to provide avenues for IP communities to reflect and explore
collective means to strengthen the IPEd of various IP communities in Zamboanga
City and create an avenue to showcase IP indigenous knowledge systems and
practices for greater awareness and appreciation of their culture and
traditions, and immerse them in the creative methods and approaches of collective
learning; and nurture relationships and partnership among communities and tribes.

Together, the Sama-Bangingi,
Bajau, Subanon and their partners and stakeholders, celebrated the gains of the
IPs in education through various activities that captured the lessons learned, the sharing of stories of change and hope, and of the best practices of the different IP
communities in implementing the IPEd.

Malalim at makahulugan ang paglalakbay ng bawat katutubo na naging
bahagi ng IP Education. Maraming kwento ng pagbabago at pag-asa sa bawat
komunidad. Kabilang sa pagbabago, ang pagbabago ng sarili. Napagtanto ko na
bilang IPEd teacher na kasabay ng pagmamahal mo sa profesyun ay ang pagmamahal
sa kapwa katutubo. Ang IPEd program ang naging daan upang kaming mga katutubo
ay maipagpatuloy ang misyon at gawain para sa ikakaunlad ng aming tribo,”
shared Rolando Bernardo, Subanon Teacher-In-Charge of Kolodyaan host CUIPPS, in his testimony.

The highlights during the stay-in
two-day festival included, in addition to the testimonies of gains by different IP communities, the culture sharing of different IP groups, showcasing their indigenous dances including
Subanon Mongigal, Sama-Bangingi Piya-piya, Kulintangan
and Dayang-Dayang, and Bajau Igal-igal
; song presentations of the Sama-Bangingi Ag-Kalang
and Subanon Ika; and indigenous games

In the
evening, the participants gathered for the kigulangoy
or story-telling, and sharing of
knowledge by
different tribes of their folklores, stories that related their struggles, hope
and change. The night ended with a cultural bonding or Lami-Lami.

Other activities included the presentation and
awarding of the winner of the Songwriting Competition participated in by the IP
communities and the Stewardship Ceremony, which consisted of the turn-over of a
classroom to the community and school. The classroom was built by the Bravo
Company Labuan Detachment headed by 1st Lt. Jerome Mandocdoc, the 11
Infantry Battalion under Lt Col Rolando P. Gomez, and the Campo Uno Education
Council. The solidarity dance “Idana
led by IP communities together with guests, marked the culmination of the

The festival was supported by
various organizations, foremost by the Assisi Foundation, Inc. Also present
during the event were the City Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives
(IPMR) Tungku Hanapi, Councilor Josefina Pareja, Department of Education IPED
Focal person Adonis Rojas, also Lapaz Elementary School Principal; other DepEd Principals
and Elementary School Heads and  Teachers
of Labuan District: Florencia Seño from Labuan Central School, Evelyn Cabaniero
from Patalon, Cecile Dime from Sinubong, Corazon Fabella from San Ramon, Athanel
Castro from Ramon Enriquez High School, Reynaldo Bernardo from Montecentral
Indigenous People Elementary School (MIPES); Barangay Local Government Unit of Patalon,
Labuan and Limpapa; Barangay Councils and IPMRs Abelardo Sanggadan of Patalon,
Martin Gunillac of Labuan, and Jusain Salarihon of Limpapa; Silsillah Dialogue
Movement, the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP), Rubilyn Aguidan
of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University-Grade School; and elders and leaders from
indigenous cultural communities: Sama Bangingi from Simariki School for
Indigenous People; Bajau from Angiskul Ma Bangka; Subanon from Monte Central Subanon
Elementary School, and Limpapa Patalon Labuan Indigenous Cultural Communities
(LPLICC) headed by Leo Gumandao.